Friday, April 17, 2009

Sharp rise in nuclear toaster mentions

nuke_toasterHow many times have you heard the term "nuclear powered toaster" in your life? Maybe once? I think you're lying. I don't think you ever have. I know that, until last Monday, I never had either.

Then, in the space of 72 hours, I heard it twice.

The first time was in the book, "The Pig Scrolls," which I'm reading to my son at night. In that book, the main character -- Gryllus the Pig, Odysseus' shipmate who was turned into a talking pig by Circe -- encounters a sorceror/scientist who has developed a toaster powered by "Pluto's Iron..." Yep. Plutonium. As you might expect, breakfast ends badly. We read that chapter at approximately 10pm (eastern) on Monday night.

Then, last night, I watched the Tuesday night episode of "The Daily Show." One of the segments was about how Goldman Sachs is doing very well (thank you) with various bail-out moneys... possibly because tons of the folks in charge of said monies are old Goldman cronies. Lehman Brothers, on the other hand... not doing so well. Gone away, pretty much. But, according to news sources, Lehman has some huge amount of "yellow cake uranium" (where? in a vault? not specified). John's point was that the upside may be that now, when you open an account, you get a nuclear toaster.

I understand that "The Daily Show" is taped in the early afternoon. So if this segment was originally put together on Tuesday, around 2pm let's say, that would be about 14 hours after I read aloud the section of "The Pig Scrolls" that had the nuclear toaster.

I don't know if this means anything. It's just pretty weird.

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