Sunday, September 12, 2010

New poem: If I Die

If I Die

If I die of boredom,
let me lay in plain, brown dirt.
No stone, no box, no flowers.
Just earth and me,
worms and water,
roots and rocks.
Naked, prostrate, hands at sides.
Ten feet deep, please.

If I die of thirst,
bury me inside a tree,
sealed in scratchy bark.
Upside down, toes pointed up
toward Mosquito Moon.
Eyes sealed with moss.
A willow, maybe. I'm too far
removed from royalty for oak.

If I never die,
plant me in a chair. My old,
soft La-Z-Boy. Or the leather couch
we first made out on. The one
that palms your ass
like a catcher's mitt.
Facing East.
Towards the rising sun

Saturday, September 11, 2010


[wrote this poem three years ago. just re-found it. so...]


When the ocean gasped and fled
we were left with many dead

That Wednesday (Thursday in Japan)
when the sea just up and ran
the fishermen in fallen hulls
had one or two good raking days
of harvest. Bloated gulls
were everywhere and gorged
on mundane bass and trout
and monstrous, deep trench horrors,
eye-stalks poking out
of yellow, running beaks.

What had been beach
is now just sandy path between
two dirt worlds.
No spray, no salt, no scene
but earthy, constant fixity.

And you won't sing for me.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My entry in the BoingBoing "Back to School" art competition

BoingBoing is having a "Back to School" art competition. You're supposed to take something that traditionally lives in the digital world (ie, on a computer or video game or what not) and render it using traditional, analog media. I thought about what I associate with computers... and the "progress bar" came to mind. Otherwise known as the "loading bar." Thus, the pics below. Click on 'em to see 'em bigger.