Tuesday, June 5, 2007

50+ legal marketing posts

For a year and change, I was doing legal marketing consulting full-time. During that period, I wrote a legal marketing blog (often called "blawgs") that was consistently in the top 10 results on Google, Yahoo! and MSN search for the phrase "legal marketing." For those who don't speak SEO, that either means my blog was very popular in the legal marketing crowd, or that there weren't that many legal marketing blogs. Or both. The blog averaged around 300 unique readers per post, and topped out around 550 for subjects that got some attention elsewhere in the blawgosphere.

Well, when I stopped doing full-time consulting, I sold the blog to Larry Bodine, who rocks very hard in the legal marketing realm; I wanted someone to keep the thing going, since I'd spent so much time building up a good readership. So he kept the thing going for more than a year, but then consolidated his new writings on his other professional marketing blog.

Well, that means that the blog just probably ain't gonna be out there forever. So, to make sure that all ya'll won't ever suffer from a total lack of pithy Andy-style legal marketing wisdom, I've now collected them all here for your... pleasure. Or whatever.

I had fun writing them, and made lots of good contacts from the blawg. So it's a nice memory for me, too.


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