Sunday, July 30, 2006

TaleWeaver as lightweight RPG system? Doh!

I got a really nice email from a fellow who just bought "TaleWeaver" over at He's using it pretty much as intended -- to generate group story sessions -- with some friends and his kids. But his wife is using it as a lightweight RPG system! Holy crap! Why didn't I think of that. I didn't get many details from him, but I can see a couple of ways of going about it. I may end up going back and editing the main book at some point to include some ideas on that subject.

I may also go back and reformat the book and re-self-publish with Lulu rather than Booksurge, as the latter takes a much larger chunk of royalties. I'm only really with Booksurge (which is owned by Amazon) because it was bought by, which was started by a friend of mine (Hi, Jeff!), who asked me to throw TaleWeaver up in a marginally publishable format in order to put it on the shelf when GU went online back in... er... 1999 I think it was.

So TaleWeaver may get a few more chapters on "Use me as an RPG," some reformatting, and a new publisher. Also... I'm looking for a way to easily, cheaply, happily, smartly produce the card deck as CARDS for the love-o-pete. Right now they're embedded in the book, since "publishing" cards at either Lulu or Booksurge is impossible. If anybody out there has any good ideas about how to do that, I'd love to hear 'em. I've been buying off-set print as part of my day job for years... but I don't fancy dropping a couple grand to have a a crate of 500-1000 copies sitting in my basement for the next twenty years. The best thing about Lulu/Booksurge is that they are just-in-time. As of yet, I haven't been able to find a just-in-time, custom, card deck print service. Mugs? Yes. Mouse pads? Sure. T-shirts? Of course. Cards? Not so much. Ping me at awhavens (at) sanestorm (dot) com if you have any ideas. Or any thoughts on "TaleWeaver as RPG." Thanks.

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