Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why you must podcast... and worship John

Turns out my brother John has talent.

Which I've known for years, but now we have independent confirmation. Besides his IMDB page. Besides the fact that he was in a for-real Broadway musical, "Steel Pier." (see #12, "Harmonica Specialty"). Besides the fact that he's an amazing writer and has finished an historical fiction novel. Besides the fact that besides harmonica, he plays amazing guitar, drums and banana.

He's a good kid. For a younger brother, that is. Anyway...

Independent confirmation of his talent comes from the fact that he has now been named the guide to podcasting. He makes money when you go to that page, click on things and leave comments.

So go do that now. I'll wait. There's a prize for you when you come back.

Did you do it? No. I didn't think so. Go do it. Then there's a prize.

If you did it, the prize is that your karmic burden has been lightened, and I love you more. See? A blog with free prizes inside. Isn't that nice?

Anyway. I don't ask for much. But you need to either send an email to everyone you know and point them to this blog post, or to John's podcasting page (simple link, easy for cutting and pasing is):

He gives some great advice and information on podcasting, and I swear he puts the banana down before recording any of his shows.

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