Sunday, October 19, 2008

WordPress funk -- call for group mind assistance

For some reason -- I hadn't changed anything, seriously -- I couldn't get into my WP admin module. Which means I couldn't do anything to the blog. So I upgrade to a later version of WP, updated the database, and deleted (moved) a bunch of plugins. Now, I can get in (as evidenced by this post), but all my categories, permalinks and archives are gone. You can get to any given post by using the "next page" thingy at the bottom of the home page... but everything else is upgehfooked. Search works, too... but not if you then click on the post name.  Weird.

Any assistance from WordPress Gods much appreciated. If I can't fix it, I may try exporting the whole tham ding and then wiping this build and restarting with a new SQL database, etc.

Or I'll just start a new blog with a link back to Tinker for old stuff. TinkerX just turned three, and that seems pretty old for a blog with no real cohesive topic. Any thoughts on what kind of more specific blog I might write would certainly be appreciated.

[edit] Dagnabbit. Comments are broken, too. Please send thoughts, ideas, solutions or general commiserations to

[edit 2] Fixed permalinks, which seems to have fixed comments and archives. Breathing easier. Still working on categories.


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