Monday, August 27, 2007

Somebody at Playboy gets it

I read Freakonomics (WorldCat, Amazon) a few years back (as an eBook, btw), and really enjoyed it. Because of that experience, I now RSS the Freakonomics Blog (now owned by the NYT). In their most recent entry, Playboy editor Chris Napolitano answered questions from Freakonomics Blog readers: 36 questions. According to the blog's authors, that was all the questions he was asked.

I don't really care that it's Playboy, really. I never read the magazine, just bought it for the pictures of the naked women. What is great, though, is that Napolitano completely engaged the blog medium and has now, I would imagine, really impressed the hell out of at least 37 people (the folks who asked questions, and me).

If it had been 807 questions... well, that would be absurd. But 36 is within the range of "doable." And responding personally to that many questions, though obviously more time consuming than cherry picking (ahem) 3-5, really shows that he's using the forum the way it was intended at its best.

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