Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tag. We interrupt the long post...

...for a post that's not going to be as interruptive as a bunch of future posts would be if I used a particular blog hack mentioned below, because I refuse to be as annoying as I could be just to make it look like I'm blogging more than I actuall am. That was a long sentence. Sorry.

We know that people will come to a blog, and that search engines will rate it better, when you update your content more often. Which is great. But there are various ways (hacks) to make it look like you're updating your blog more than you actually are. Back when I was blogging in order to attract SEO and, thus (hopefully) clients to my consulting practice, I might have given the idea a bit more leeway. Now? I guess I find the idea of artifically added blogalia a bit... boorish.

Anyway... this post has instructions for how your tags can be added to your blog, automatically, as a daily post. You go about your Webusiness, tagging merrily along, and, at night, your tags from the last 24-hours will appear as a new post on your blog titled, "My tags for DATE."

Now, I'm as vain as the next... well... I don't know. Walrus? Egg-man? Anyway... I like to think that the folks who read this blog read it because I have something to say that is vaguely interesting and maybe funny from time to time. But I have no dellusions that every one of my bookmarks is of vital importance to the rest of the world.

On the flip side, I like the convenience of having my tags on my blog. And I do like to share. But not in a way that might make you think I'm blogging, when really, I'm just bookmarking/tagging. If I like something enough to make a comment on it, I'll write a post. And we'll call that "blogging."

So... my compromise is this: I'm adding a new "Tags" page that you can get to from the top menu of the blog. It will be updated every time I add a tag. If you have any interest in seeing what I'm tagging, knock yourself out. But I'm not going to clutter up the main blog page with it. OK?

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