Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Writing about writing and a review of reviewing

I haven't blogged in awhile.

That's probably the most grippingly boring thing you can write on a blog. It's the textual equivalent of saying, "I had this really weird, long dream last night," at the beginning of a dinner conversation. The listener must despair.

But writing about writing isn't a bad thing. And since this blog is 72% self-directed practice space, I'm not too worried about cheesing off my legion of fan.

I write at work all the time. It's not particularly hard for me. Sometimes it's harder, depending on the assignment. Sometimes it's easier. But,  since it's almost always an assignment from an external source, and since it's a good part of why they pay me, it's never really a case of being able to say, "No."

I've been saying, "No," though, to my personal writing for most of last year. I've pushed out a couple poems and did a bit of work on one of my five perennially-restarted-but-never-completed novels. I can't quite get my head around where I want any of them to go... and so they don't go anywhere.

But I feel like I should be writing more. So I thought about what I could write. And I read a recent blog post from someone I respect who cataloged all the books she read in 2010. And I thought, "That's a good idea. I read a bit. And I could write a short review of everything I read so that I won't forget."

Less about being "reviews to help other people decide what to read," and more "reviews to help me remember what I read."

Towards that end, I'm going to start writing book, movie and video game reviews here on TinkerX. If they're helpful to you, super. If not, it's mostly just to keep the engine warm in case I ever decide to figure out where any of those damned novels are going.

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