Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Here is why, eventually, Microsoft is doomed

Yesterday, I discovered the lovely new "not-a-dictionary" word site, Wordnik. Simpy delightful for a verbaphile such as myself. Now, I use the drop-down search engine thingy that comes with Firefox. You know... that little box in the upper right where you can add all kinds of search engine type sites and then choose from the drop-down to search many, many services. I have more than too many on mine. Examples include IMDB, RhymeZone, WorldCat, YouTube, Metacritic and about 10 more. I thought it would be nice to add Wordnik, so I went to the drop-down to choose the "manage search engines" option at the bottom.

Well, lo-and-behold, "Add Wordnik" was available as an option, too! Somehow, Firefox "knew" that I was on a site that had a search engine option that would work with their wee little drop-down, and Wordnik had done whatever it needed to -- on its first day of live service -- to make that happen. I'd never seen it as an option before, and was quite pleased. It saved me from having to go to the Mozilla site and search/add the option. Not a big deal, but I was pleasantly surprised at not having to go through the bother.

So... today I decide to try out Microsoft's new search enging, Bing. I go to the site and play around. OK... it's nice. Kinda different than Google. Not sure if better or worse. Will use a bit more then decide. So, remembering my Wordnik experience, I think, "Hey! I bet there's an auto-add option for Bing in that drop-down thing."


Tiny little start up? Day one of operation? Pass.

World's largest software company? Been doing this for decades? Fail.

I now believe Microsoft is doomed. Tiny markers in the stream, my friends. Tiny markers...

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