Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pardon our dust

So... about every couple years, WordPress craps out on me. Can't tell if it's feature creep, spam weirdness, general decay, chaos theory, gremlins, gravitational wells or just plain old me screwing something up. Anyway... I realized that my last two posts never posted. And they didn't get saved as drafts. And you couldn't leave comments. So I installed the new WordPress, deleted plugins, restarted various PHP files from factory fresh, etc. etc. At least posts and comments and most of my widgets are working (don't you have feckless widgets?). We'll see about getting a decent new theme going sometime soon. Suggestions welcome.

If you are interested, the posts that got missed involved me ranting about a NYT article where they used math badly, and a few thoughts about the NCAA brackets at work. No big deal. Fill in the blanks in your head.

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