Friday, February 13, 2009

John Hodgman RIP: another hero bites the dust

On "The Daily Show" yesterday (or Wednesday; I TiVo it, so I don't recall), John Hodgman, the show's resident "expert" gave us his thoughts on how to cure the economy in a new segment called, "You're Welcome" (below):

Until viewing that segment, I would not have needed the scare-quotes around, "expert," when referring to Mr. Hodgman. I've read his excellent, "The Areas of My Expertise," and haven often looked to him for sound advice on aeronautics, animal husbandry and hobo wrangling.

Now, however, I believe that either; a) he is a complete fraud, or; b) a John Hodgman impersonator has drugged Mr. Hodgman, left him in a root cellar in Paramis, NJ, and taken his place on the world stage.

I do not know which is worse. Certainly, they're both equally awful for me. For him? Well, it would depend on the ammenities in the root cellar, I suppose.

Why this change? Why has this paragon of cerebral sophistication come a'tumblin' down like the walls of Jehrico?

"Canadian" Geese.

While explaining a very insightful and rational monetary system based on new currency printed with the visage of Chesley Sullenberger, Mr. Hodgman said: "For every 100 Sully Bucks you spend, a Canadian Goose is strangled."

This is in reference to the fact that the jet Chesley Sullenberger successfully landed on the Hudson was downed by... (wait for it) a flock of...

Canada geese.

Not "Canadian."

(shakes head)


John Hodgman... you are dead to me.

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