Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quick tip r.e. relief from IBS and/or collitis

Warning. May be TMI. But if you're a sufferer, you don't care about anything but results.

I was talking with a friend I hadn't heard from in several years. He asked me how my gut was doing; last time I'd seen him, I'd just been to the ER with terrible stomach cramps and various other unpleasant GI symptoms. Some doctors have diagnosed what I had as IBS (irritible bowel syndrome), some as collitis.

Either way, I haven't had a bad bout in almost four years and told him so. When he wanted to know what had produced the change, I told him I was doing only one thing differently:

No soda.

Yep. No pop, coke, seltzer... call it what you will. No carbonated beverages at all. I've had, I think, two sips of ginger ale in about four years, and it's made an incredible difference. While I still get occasional bouts, they feel more like mild stomach aches than... well... pain and nausea that sends you to the ER for relief.

He was glad I was doing better, and suggested I tell people about it here on the blog.

So there you are. If you get bad stomach stuff, try going without carbonated drinks for a couple weeks and see if that helps

{note: not a doctor, etc. check with yours if you think quitting pop would be a bad idea, or if you're on a diet that requires Mr. Pibb.]

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