Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Good post at Lifehacker about using the "Subject" line as the entirety of an email message, and ending with <EOM> to signal "End Of Message." I do this at work when the message is, really, one sentence long or less. Examples included (all names changed to protect me and my buddies):

  • Frank is out sick today; no big deal, should be in tomorrow <EOM>

  • I can drive up to four others for lunch today <EOM>

  • Do you know what room we're meeting in at 1pm? <EOM>

  • If you know what the new printer name on the network is, please let me know <EOM>

You get the point. Works really well, and I appreciate when others don't bug me with a subject that is obfuscating, followed by a paragraph of text that is unnecessary.

Get your EOM on.

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