Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mad Stupid

So I downloaded the free trial of "Spore: Creature Creator." I've been drooling in anticipation of the full game of "Spore" now for... I don't know, Will... how long? 3 years? 5? Something like that.

Anyway... played this little mini-preview game-y thing where you create creatures using one of the engines that will be in the final game. It's fun. And my son really enjoyed it. I registered the trial online so that I could see other folks' creations, get updates, etc. Registration, as per normal, requires an email address (cue ominous music... why would he point out an obvious bit o' stuff like that? hmmmmm....)

The free trial of "Creature Creator" only gives you access to like 1/8th of all the pieces-parts. And my boy liked it enough that I decided to upgrade to the full version (never mind that I think this is essentially a marketing tease for the full game, now slated to come out in September, and that, IMHO, the "full version" of this little mini game should be free).

Clicking the "upgrade" button from within the game takes you to the purchase site for EA. OK.... Not exactly what I expected, as I'd already downloaded the large install file. Will they make me go through that again? I'd assumed I'd just pay and get an unlock code. A trick that 3rd-rate shareware peddlers have had perfected for years. We'll see...

So I add the full version of the program to my cart, fill in all my info for checking out...

And get an error.

"That email address is already in use."

Bwa? BWAAAA? The email address I gave EA as part of the registration process for a piece of trial software is already in use... Well, DUH! It's in use by me, who registered earlier today. And now I want to upgrade... but you won't let me, because my email address is already in use by you.

Mad stupid. Mad-5 stupid. I expected more from EA and Spore and Will and Maxis. This does not bode well...

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