Saturday, April 21, 2007

Complaint choirs - my new dream

This. Is. Simply. Awesome.

Birmingham version on YouTube here. "And I'm thirsty."

Helsinki version here. "All ringtones are annoying."

Hamburg. "There is plenty of debate, but nothing gets done."

St Petersberg. Lovely tune. My favorite musically. "I'm not ready to die yet... and the nightmare of the C++ language."

Some A Canadian radio TV show's version as it appeared on Canadian television. Kinda not the real deal, but what the hell. "I hate plastic bags... Why can't people use apostrophes properly?"

Penn State. Bonus llama, but, really... quite awful. In an undergrad way. "Webmail2 still blows."

On my honor as a bearded man... if someone in Columbus, Ohio USA with the talent to write the tune will step forward, I'll do the lyrics. We've got OSU with something like 200,000 undergrads, a thriving arts community, and more overcast days than either Londan or Seattle. Plus, we keep being in the middle of the state that elects Bush. If we can't come up with the best Complaint Choir in history... that's just sad.

Bonus for us if we do this: film it for YouTube amid Cornhenge. Somehow, that just works for me.

[Edit] To Alane: Better?

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